What is a holding deposit and why do I need to pay it?

For a professional tenancy the holding deposit is equivalent to one weeks rent. Once paid we will contact the landlord and if agreed take the property off the market subject to satisfactory references. Once the let is fully approved this amount will be deducted from your final moving in balance.

Why do I need to provide photo ID, Bank Statements and Pay Slips?

This is to prove identification and to verify the information provided on your application forms and to be able to determine that you can afford the rental payments and are not stretching your personal finances beyond what is affordable.

Why do I need to provide employment/ salary details?

We require this information to obtain an employment reference for you; this is part of our referencing procedure.

Why do I need to provide my National Insurance Number?

Again, this is for the purposes of tenant identification, this number could also be used to trace an absent tenant in the even we can can’t get hold of you at a forwarding address post tenancy.

What happens if I don’t have any of the above?

This situation would be dealt with on a case-by-case basis, please contact our administration team to discuss if you think this may be an issue.

What happens if I fail referencing?

We would approach the landlord with the result of your referencing.  Generally, you would be required to provide a UK based guarantor, this person would be subject to the same referencing process as a tenant (although, income requirements are higher). If for any reason this cannot be provided then payment of rent for the fixed term will be required in advance.

Who is responsible for maintenance works on my property?

The landlord is responsible for internal and external repairs to the property where the tenant is not at fault. The tenant is responsible for any breakages incurred and the upkeep and cleanliness of the property during the term of the tenancy.

Who do I report maintenance issues to?

If the property is managed by Acorn Properties you would call our maintenance team and we will arrange the necessary repairs on the landlords behalf. If the property is managed directly by the landlord you would report any issues directly to them. You can find all of your landlord’s contact details on the 2nd page of your tenancy agreement.

Who do I need to pay my rent to every month?

If your property is managed by Acorn Properties- rent will be paid to us directly and we will supply you with the necessary details in order to set up your standing order.  If your property is managed by the landlord directly, we will supply you with details of the landlords nominated bank account where rent payments are to be made.  It is the responsibility of the Tenant to ensure an instruction is set up with your bank for appropriate rent payments.

What does “Joint and several liability” mean?

Where there is more than one tenant signing an agreement, all tenants are ‘jointly and severally’ liable. This means that each of the individuals making up the Tenant can be held responsible for the agreement and paying of rent and not just a share of it. Be sure about the people that you agree to share with as if they fail to pay the rent, you can also be held liable.

Will I get an inventory and schedule of condition?

The landlord does not have to provide an inventory by law, however, should a claim against the deposit arise it would be difficult for the landlord or agent to justify a claim. All of our managed properties will have a full inventory and schedule of condition issued when you collect your keys.

What if I have a pet?

This is subject to a landlord’s agreement and it may incur an additional sum of deposit being taken and held along with your original deposit in the landlords chosen scheme until you leave the property. Always check prior to viewing a property that Pets are permitted to avoid wasting time.

What about insurance?

As a tenant you are responsible for insuring your own possessions/ contents within the property. It is also advisable to take out cover for accidental damage to the landlords belongings. Your landlord is responsible for insuring the building. We can assist with tenant insurance if required, just ask.

How can I pay the balance on my invoice?

You can pay online on our website via secure trading, you can pay in person at our office or if it’s easier you can call us and pay over the telephone by debit or credit card.

Who is responsible for the payment of utilities?

Unless otherwise specified the tenant is responsible for the payment of all utilities throughout the term of the tenancy agreement.

What is the “good neighbourhood agreement”?

This forms part of your tenancy agreement and had been written in conjunction with Northumbria Police. It is an agreement to live within the confines of the law and relates to noise disturbance and anti-social behaviour in the community.

What are your opening hours?

Please click here to visit our contact page, where our office hours can be found.  We are closed on public holidays and bank holiday weekends.

How much is the council tax?

This will depend on the property and your current living situation. You can find out more information by visiting your local council tax office. You can look up the council tax band of any domestic property by visiting the Valuation Office Agency website at http://www.voa.gov.uk

What is required of a guarantor?

Guarantor’s will undergo the same level of referencing as a prospective tenant would.  This can include a credit check and income reference.  The level of detail required to verify income can vary dependent on the individuals personal circumstance and could include providing bank statements, savings statements, accountants reference, employment reference etc.  Guarantor’s will also need to counter-sign the tenancy agreement.

What happens when I want to leave the property?

Generally, the tenancy agreement states that at the end of the tenancy period you must give one calendar months’ notice in writing to vacate (before a rent date). If your property is managed by Acorn Properties this would be sent directly to the agent however if the property is managed directly by the landlord this would be to the landlord. You can find all of your landlord’s details on the 2nd page of your tenancy agreement.  Please note, it is important to check your own tenancy agreement for any special terms required to provide notice.

What if I’m self-employed?

Generally, self-employed persons must provide documentary evidence of their income.  Depending on the situation, this may be in the form of 6 or12 months personal bank statements, depending on whether they have an accountant who can verify their income for the last 12 months.  If the applicant has an accountant who can confirm their income, 6 months’ statements will be required.  If the applicant does not have an accountant who can verify  their income, 12 months’ statements will be required.

What type of tenancy agreement do you use?

The most common form of tenancy agreement used is an Assured Shorthold Tenancy. This type of tenancy offers the most flexibility to both landlord and tenant, it is a straightforward notice procedure for bringing the tenancy to an end and a special accelerated possession court procedure should tenants do not vacate. We can also provide contractual tenancies where the annual rent is over £100,000 or where the tenant is a company as opposed to an individual person.

Where is my deposit held?

This information can be found in your tenancy agreement under ‘prescribed information’ or in a separate document sent to you, again titled ‘prescribed information’.

What do I do in case of an emergency?

For our managed properties we have an out of office hour’s emergency number for our tenants to call. This can be found on our office answer phone when the office is closed. If the matter if the matter is extremely urgent you should first contact the emergency services by calling 999. You can find information about your local policing teams at http://www.northumbria.police.uk/your_neighbourhood

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