Prospective Tenants and Guarantors

Information for your proposed tenancy


Our applications are outsourced to a specialist tenant referencing company called Goodlord.  Prospective Tenants and Guarantors can expect an E-Mail from Goodlord with a link to complete an online application form.

Attention Student Applicants:  When asked to provide your current address on Goodlord’s application form, please ensure that this is your term time address– if this is not provided, it can cause delays in the referencing process.  Any tenants renting university accommodation might need to complete a consent form before the accommodation office will release a reference.


When the applications are complete, Goodlord will obtain references if requested by the Landlord.  When undergoing references, typically we are looking at three main points:

  • Affordability Assessment
  • Rental History
  • Credit History

We require a minimum income for tenants/ guarantors:

  • For prospective Tenants (primarily professional applicants), we will require income or liquid funds to the ratio of 2.5 times your share of the annual rent.
  • For prospective Guarantors, we will require income or liquid funds to the ratio of 3 times your share of the annual rent.

*Note, we may take combined income into consideration to fulfil referencing requirements.

The tenancy agreement may be emailed for signing before references have been completed.

Lead/ Nominated tenant

The Lead or Nominated tenant will default to the person who initially registered with us.  If you would like to change this role to someone else, please write to us copying in all other tenants with your request.  This person will liaise with the deposit scheme on behalf of all parties forming the Tenant at the end of the tenancy.

Identification / Right to Rent Checks

Each occupier over the age of 18 must present, in person, their original identification documents.  A list of acceptable documents can be found here.

If, for any reason, it is not possible to make these checks, it may result in your tenancy not going ahead and or keys not being released to the property – if you cannot provide these documents, please contact us urgently.  To make this process easier, you will be provided with a questionnaire on your application form to help you identify which documents you will need to supply us with.

Tenancy Agreement

A link was provided in our email to you, providing a copy of our Draft Tenancy Agreement for you to read; please note, this draft is not for you to sign and is sent for information only.  We ask that you raise any queries concerning the content of this agreement within the next week to avoid delays when the final agreement is sent out for signing.

When sent, all tenants will need to sign the tenancy agreement which is sent via Goodlord.  When you get to the stage of signing the tenancy agreement, there is no need to print or scan the document; the entire signing process is conducted electronically and can be accessed easily from smartphones and tablets.  Guarantors will be asked to sign a deed of guarantee once referencing is complete, this is also sent via Goodlord (in some situations we may instead ask guarantors to counter-sign the tenancy agreement).

Please understand that when you sign the tenancy agreement, you are committing to certain actions for the period of any fixed term and beyond.  Therefore, please ensure that if you do not understand your legal rights that you consult a housing advice centre, solicitor or Citizens’ Advice Bureau.


In your Goodlord account you can also opt in for a bills inclusive service – Note, this is a third-party service organised by Goodlord directly.  This means that you can have the utilities for your property all in one. If you would like an obligation free quote for your property, please log in to your Goodlord account.

Check In Arrangements

We will make contact nearer the lease commencement date to make arrangements for you to collect your keys.  Key collection is by appointment only, so if you already have a date in mind, please contact us to schedule a time.

Please understand that if paperwork is not completed in the timescales set, the landlord may instruct us to re-market the property, upon which you will be notified.  Additionally, it is likely that keys will not be released to anyone if paperwork/ payments are not complete by all parties- this includes (but not limited to) Right to Rent checks.

We would like to thank you for choosing to rent with Acorn Properties and appreciate you taking the time to read this, we endeavour to make our procedures as transparent as possible to all parties involved in an effort to help make this an exciting time for you.

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