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Ryen Huntley

Ryen joined Acorn in 2007 after having moved to England from the United States to be with her husband and joined Acorn for much the same reason. Ryen oversees the day to day running of the administration department and is responsible for ensuring that all legislative procedures are in place including ‘Right to Rent’, ‘the Deregulation Act’ and ‘Deposit Protection’. One of her roles within the department is to help ascertain the suitability of tenants with her colleague Martha; this not only includes the application process, but also the full vetting of applicants and their guarantors. In addition to this her other duties include drafting tenancy agreements and other legal contracts, providing clients with relevant information regarding damage deposits, orchestrating check- ins and maintaining clear communication lines with and between, applicants, tenants, guarantors and landlords. Outside of Acorn, Ryen’s hobbies include painting, photography and film. For administrative queries and information contact Ryen.

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